A little link or two for Antarctica jobs in 2012

You might have already seen it, but the Lockheed Martin Antarctic Service Contract facebook page has quite a few job listings across subcontractors– for contract positions/seasonal stuff.

PAE is the company that’s going to be responsible for a lot of what fell under Operations and FEMC (Facilities, Engineering, Maintenance and Construction), as well as most of Logistics (Cargo and Materials). I don’t have the link handy since it was in my on-ice email account which was deleted after I left, but I’ll post it when I get it.

Gana-A ‘Yoo Service Corporation aka GSC is the new NANA–food, housing and jano services fall under this. I heard that the grub lugger job will be with the Materials department now, but that’s not confirmed.

GHG is the company that will be hiring for IT/Comms, but not Information Security. I don’t remember what the other company was.

I think there are eight total subcontracting companies–Waste, InfoSec, and a couple of others are going to be separate. I honestly can’t even remember what they all are or what they do. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the dynamics will play out on station; everyone will be reporting to separate HR divisions in theory, and I think continuity/fair and equal treatment will be a huge challenge for them.

A lot of jobs aren’t posted yet, it looks like, and I know that the company’s focus when we were still there was on getting winterovers contracted and ready to go. Hopefully we’ll hear more soonish, but for now the facebook page is probably your best bet.

23 thoughts on “A little link or two for Antarctica jobs in 2012

  1. Hello. A question from someone interested in working this year’s astral summer season in Antarctica but who has never done so before: when do most of the jobs at McMurdo and the other field camps start? I’m currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia and am trying to figure out if I’ll be done in time to get through the medical/dental/psych checks before departure time. Also, how long does that clearance process usually take, and how far in advance do you need to complete it? Thanks.

    1. Hi there!

      Most mainbody jobs in McMurdo start in October, I believe, but a few start as early as August for the Winfly season. For Pole, not usually before middle-late October. I think they usually want you to be done with your medical/dental stuff by 60 days before your contract start date, and the process doesn’t take super long on your end, especially if you have free time and don’t need a lot of dental work. Psych is only for winter contracts.

      The main hold-ups are scheduling with your own doctor and waiting for their doctor to give you the stamp of approval, which sometimes takes a few weeks but I think you’re okay in the deadlines as long as your appointments are done. There haven’t been super strict time frames, as hiring sometimes lasts a long time for certain positions, or if a primary backs out last minute and there aren’t any alternates PQd; I’ve spoken to people who got hired three weeks before they flew out and just had to drop everything, do medical stuff and start packing. When does your Peace Corps term end?

      Here’s a good thread on the Antarctic Memories forum that will likely keep getting updated info: http://antarcticmemories.thruhere.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6625

  2. I’ve sent to Gana A’Yoo all paperwork they have asked for. What is the timeline for hearing back from them. Mainbody 2012-13 will be here sooner rather then later!!!!

    1. Hey Robert! I haven’t heard a thing yet about anyone getting jobs; the contract change seems to have really delayed the hiring process. In the transition meetings we originally heard hiring would start in April, and for full time employees it has. So hopefully soon!

  3. Kiell, Thanks for your reply. Along with sending paperwork to Gana A’Yoo, I’ve also sent paperwork to four other sub- contractors and Lockheed Martin. I talked with one woman with HR @ Gana A’Yoo who was the most delightful persons I have ever talked with. She suggested that if need be, to call her at any time with questions. Of course she might not be the one to make the final decision. She did ask if I’d be interested in wintering over. Something to make note of for the interview. I’m sure that all the HR depts are busy so in the meantime I’m waiting and surfing the web for tidbits of information. Thanks for your web site.

    Robert Smith

  4. Hi my name is Felton Baker and ive applied for several logistics positions for the antarctica contract i was wondering does anybody have a good contact for a recruiter with PAE is so can you please help me out with this thanks in advance.

    1. Felton, The only name that I have for PAE is April Brooks but never have contacted her directly. Don’t even know what her position is. So find out as much as poss. before you send any paperwork. Still, I have appplied to PAE under general assistant positions and To Whom it may……., and upon talking to them last, I am still in the loop. No rejection letters are out yet. Let’s only hope.

    2. According the the Antarctic Memories web blog, Mr. ‘Iowa Rox1’ confirms that Ms. April Brooks is the LEAD recruiter for PAE.

      1. ok thanks but does anybody have a email address or phone number for April Brooks? thanks again.

    1. Probably in the same places, but I’d bet it will be a good few months until hiring starts for that. It used to be that hiring for summer (October-February) would start around March–that obviously didn’t happen this year, but for contractors you aren’t going to be hired for that season this far in advance.

  5. Does anybody know when PAE is going to start hiring for the project? I haven’t gotten any rejections but wondering if anyone else has heard anything.

    1. I think hiring has already happened for the coming season (this October), since you have to PQ, and deployment has started for winfly etc. I can’t say for sure, but I bet you’d know by now (hopefully–it sounds like things are a little crazy with the contract handover, so who knows?).

  6. Great News, I have a phone interview coming up with Gana A’Yoo. Ms. Massey contacted me to inform me that someone will e-mail with the details. She mentioned that it might be a while as I applied earlier then most folks do but that that’s good. Now they need to catch up. I applied for five positions, both at McMurdo and the Pole and they have only considered me for one so far. A couple of positions are not available as folks are returning. But, I’ll take what I can get. I’ve done my interview homework and feel somewhat prepared but if those of you who have gone through this process (phone interview) have any advice I would sure appreciate it. What else can I do to be at the top of my game.


    Robert Smith

    1. Hey Robert, congrats on the interview! The one piece of advice I’d give you is to remember that you’re not just applying for a job, you’re applying to be a part of a community that lives, works and plays together–so presenting yourself as not just the ideal candidate for a job, but also as someone who is going to fit in as a community member is pretty important. Good luck!

  7. Hi,

    I would love to work on Antarctica but don’t seem to find where my CV fits job vacancies. I’d be willing to do winter overs or anything deemed necessary that I am capable of doing. I am a psychologist but would be happy to train and become e.g. a cook or anything else useful on the ice.

    Please let me know if anything comes up.

    1. Hi Veronica! I think hiring is probably mostly complete for the coming season. Keep applying though, and if it doesn’t work out this season start looking in February or March 2014.

  8. I have applied for several positions in Antarctica with PAE. I was called last year but not selected, so I reapplied this year. I am of course willing to go for austrel summer or winter over slots. I did a year in Afghanistan (Kabul) so base life is nothing new to me. What is the pay lookiing like and has this years selection been made? Also, do you have a direct number for a recruiter?

  9. I also have comleted the UN/DynCorp Physical in the last 6 months and have my overseas shots already. Would psych be the only thing pending you think?

    1. The pay sucks compared to the Army, from what I hear. What’s your field? I don’t have recruiter numbers since everything has changed since I worked there contractor-wise. I’d guess that they would still make you PQ based on their own physicians.

      1. What kind of numbers are you hearing on pay? I was told the pay last year but was not selected due to the position being filled.

        I have the radio quals, refrigerant handling license and OSHA for managers. And I can do about anything. If you have PM or can email me directly please do so.

      2. Hi James, if you heard pay numbers from last year you’re more on top of it than I am, I haven’t been on the ice since Lockheed took over. Sorry I can’t help any further–good luck!

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