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Two years ago I took these photos. The top in this series is a 4 mile long iceberg in the Ross Sea; the middle, a photo from the helicopter of frozen pools and volcanic dirt; the last photo a super-close view of the icy surface of Lake Hoare. I’ve been missing this beautiful continent a lot lately and thinking about how important the next few years of policy will be in preserving it.

peace, peace, peace

Our country’s heart has been broken forever, and the last few days have been devastating. Black men murdered at the hands of police: Alton Sterling, Philando Castile. Police murdered in Dallas. None of it is okay. It is so big and terrible and and impossible to make sense of. Sterling and Castile died as a result of being black in a systemically racist system in a country that has never righted the bloody wrongs that lie at the foundation of our society. A country that has raised everyone, including police officers, to be afraid of black men. The officers in Dallas died unfairly, and it is also not okay. It is also too big and terrible and impossible to make sense of.

None of those people’s children should have to watch their parent die over and over again on the nightly news. None of those people’s children should have to grow up without their parent. None of those people’s children should have to face this again years later when they raise their own children.

We must face this together as a country, unite in peace in the face of injustice, step up to fix our systemic issues. Black lives still matter. Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Dallas officers. Peace, peace, peace.

Antarctic Dominoes

People often ask if we see evidence of climate change working in Antarctica. The short answer is yes: the shrinking of ice shelves has increased 70% in the last decade. Check out this story on NPR.

“It’s toppling the domino. You don’t push quite hard enough and nothing happens. You push a little harder and it falls over.”

Source: MODIS/NASA via NPR
An example of how quickly things can change: In 2002, the Antarctic’s Larsen B ice shelf collapsed in just three weeks. It was the size of Rhode Island. Source: MODIS/NASA



My heart swelled inexplicably
when I turned the key

and caught the scent
of something lovely, coming from the kitchen.

I dropped my loaded bag
and clowned a heart-attack

when my son came running from his room
and gripped my thumbs, and balanced on my shoes.

And as I broke into our nightly dance—
his graceless, middle-aged old man,

I knew: that I will be content
if this is all the heaven that we’re granted.

-Patrick Phillips

via One More Salute to Vanity

Ice Caves of the Erebus Glacier Tongue

There are ice caves that grow and disappear within the edges of the tongue that ruptures out from the Erebus Glacier. Every year they are different, and the mountaineers who work with the Field Safety department discover them and decide whether they are safe for entry.

We went out on snowmobiles, cold air and two-stroke motor exhaust trailing behind us, stopped in sudden silence at the base, stark and soft like bones in the desert. Ethereal rooms with smooth sculptors’ ridges on the walls, fuzzy stalactites of ice dripping from the ceiling. Turquoise to violet ice, moving air in the farthest secret recesses like the glacier breathing on your skin.




Ice Caves deep2



Ice Caves jump