The 300 Club, Vicariously.

And now, the answer to the age old question of what exactly to do when the ambient temperature at the South Pole hits -100F: you take off all your clothes and run around outside!

Here’s the tradition: when the on-station meteorologists announce the official temperature to be at or below -100 degrees, you strip naked and head into the sauna, which is set at a toasty 200F above zero (to make a 300 degree difference), overheat for a bit, put on your boots and gloves, and take yourself outside for a stroll around the pole itself.

You can read a full post by my friend Lynnette, who is wintering in Materials at South Pole, here.


2 thoughts on “The 300 Club, Vicariously.

  1. I’ve sent to Gana A’Yoo all paperwork they have asked for. What is the timeline for hearing back from them. Mainbody 2012-13 will be here sooner rather then later!!!!

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