A little link or two for Antarctica jobs in 2012

You might have already seen it, but the Lockheed Martin Antarctic Service Contract facebook page has quite a few job listings across subcontractors– for contract positions/seasonal stuff.

PAE is the company that’s going to be responsible for a lot of what fell under Operations and FEMC (Facilities, Engineering, Maintenance and Construction), as well as most of Logistics (Cargo and Materials). I don’t have the link handy since it was in my on-ice email account which was deleted after I left, but I’ll post it when I get it.

Gana-A ‘Yoo Service Corporation aka GSC is the new NANA–food, housing and jano services fall under this. I heard that the grub lugger job will be with the Materials department now, but that’s not confirmed.

GHG is the company that will be hiring for IT/Comms, but not Information Security. I don’t remember what the other company was.

I think there are eight total subcontracting companies–Waste, InfoSec, and a couple of others are going to be separate. I honestly can’t even remember what they all are or what they do. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the dynamics will play out on station; everyone will be reporting to separate HR divisions in theory, and I think continuity/fair and equal treatment will be a huge challenge for them.

A lot of jobs aren’t posted yet, it looks like, and I know that the company’s focus when we were still there was on getting winterovers contracted and ready to go. Hopefully we’ll hear more soonish, but for now the facebook page is probably your best bet.