“Great God! This is an Awful Place.”

Tuesday, a much quieter centennial than the one last month, we marked the 100 year anniversary of Robert Falcon Scott’s arrival here at South Pole. His team, a few days earlier having seen the first sure signs they were not the first to arrive at the Pole, came to the pole to discover a tent and a letter left by Amundsen over a month before.

What I find interesting about Scott’s expedition is the amount of energy they dedicated to scientific exploration—despite dwindling food and hope, they continued to drag with them geological samples: they died on the way home with rocks in their sleds in the name of science.


One thought on ““Great God! This is an Awful Place.”

  1. It must give you pause to think of those who gave their lives before you in this harsh climate. You and your colleagues benefit from modern telecommunications, satellite access, and existing infrastructure. Even so, it’s still a challenge. Thanks for your insights and this distant view into another world. RIP, Robert Falcon Scott and team.

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