South Pole Stuff Giveaway in Honor of a Momentous Occasion!

I’ve been noticing in the last few months a lot more readers who I’ve never met, from all over the world, in addition to our wonderful friends and family. And just yesterday morning the blog made it to 10,000 reader hits since its birth in 2010! Now, that’s not huge in the world of blogging, but it is to me, and I want to thank you with a gift for reading, commenting, and following us.

Here’s the prize:


A sweet South Pole Station pint glass and an Amundsen-Scott centennial patch to make any article of clothing infinitely cooler.

Close ups:



There are two parts to entering the contest.

First, you can either

a) subscribe to kiellanddaniel by email or RSS (you can see a link for that in the sidebar to your right)

b) share a link to your favorite post or our homepage,, on your facebook profile, twitter, your own blog, whatever

c) send us a postcard at

Kiell K. or Daniel L., RPSC

South Pole Station

PSC 468 Box 400

APO AP 96598

Second, comment on this post telling us what entry you did, your name, and where you’re from. You can enter whether we know you or not, and if you enter multiple ways let us know and we’ll put your name in again… And then you could win a package postmarked from the South Pole, Antarctica!

Deadline is four days from this post (Sunday morning Auckland time)…see you soon!

18 thoughts on “South Pole Stuff Giveaway in Honor of a Momentous Occasion!

  1. You definitely know me! Sushi in Denver? Pints in Mineapolis Hooters? South Pole together? Or perhaps that memorable day in McMurdo and the Ob tube and the seal? I am linking your blog via Facebook, am already subscribed, AND you will be getting postcards from Rachel and myself from Tulum, Mexico!

  2. From Pennsauken NJ near Philadelphia and the Delaware River in South Jersey. We enjoy living your adventure on Ice at Pole with you both and have your RSS and homepage. Thanks for this opportunity.

  3. I´m living in Finland (Scandinavia) and I have subscribed your wonderful site. I have been following your life on ice long time from here, you know, from the opposite side of the planet 🙂 It´s awesome to read your blog and have a sneak peek of the life on South Pole – especially thanks for those great pictures! Keep up the good work!

  4. I tell people about your blog all of the time- I hope some of them are your readers.
    I did scan a letter I wrote to you and sent it on. Miss you kids- but it looks like you are living your version of “the dream” Hope to see you soon!

    1. Maggie, we miss you so much! I haven’t read the scanned letter because I want it to be more special when/if it comes in the mail. Thanks for spreading our blog around….see you soon!

  5. Nathan H. from Tucson here. It looks like you guys are having a great time. Glad to see Daniel is singing. Next, dancing. I sent an “Indians of the Southwest” postcard. Also posted a link to your Happy Camper post on Facebook. Thanks for everything you two did last year to make it fun.

  6. Kurt here from Middletown Connecticut. You don’t know me but I’ve been following you from the links section at Bill Spindlers page. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed and I’ll try to get a postcard off to you with an added pic of my kids who really enjoyed the idea of camping out on the ice. My daughter loves the idea of trench sleeping.

    Thanks for the great blog, it’s a fantastic way to experience vicariously what I’ll likely never be able to see in person.

    1. Kurt, thank you for following us! How old are your kids? Trench sleeping seemed a bit chilly for me but maybe someday in Minnesota it will come in handy.

  7. John here from Rhinebeck, NY — I have just subscribed by email. I’ve developed a great interest in the South Pole over the last two seasons and regularly read your posts and enjoy your photos.

    1. John, nice to “meet” you, and thanks for reading! It’s been great fun keeping up with the blog, although Daniel takes many of the photos and I don’t always credit him specifically.

    1. Bill, it has definitely helped, especially around the centennial but we get hits almost everday from your site! Thank you so much for sharing it. If you have a special souvenir request I’d be willing to honor it…you know my work email.

  8. I’m sending you a postcard! I’m Tau, from IL and my husband and I are applying to ice jobs for the next austral summer. 🙂 Ive enjoyed reading your blog, and learning a lot about the ins and outs of being on the ice.

    1. Tau, thanks for reading and good luck with the job applications! Perhaps we’ll meet sometime! We are still trying to figure out the nuances of getting jobs this season.

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