And the New USAP Contractor is….

The wait to find out who we’ll be applying for jobs with next year is over, and the winning bidder is……

Lockheed Martin!

More information to come soon. I will be posting information on how to apply for a job with the US Antarctic Program next season just as soon as I find out myself.

We should have more details soon on what the turnover will be like. In reality, the season is over in six or seven weeks, and that doesn’t leave very much time for the new contractor to come in and make changes before the last plane leaves. It will be really interesting to see what happens; this is after a three-year extension to the Raytheon ten-year contract, something that could have happened before we even applied for jobs with the program in 2009.

We’ll keep you updated.

2 thoughts on “And the New USAP Contractor is….

  1. Hey Kiell and Daniel! Hope you’re doing well, miss you both a ton. I got the email below from my boss on Ice, if you wanted to repost it… it’s about applying for USAP jobs with LM. Let me know as soon as you get your redeployment dates, I should be on Ice by 1/23 so hopefully this time I’ll get to meet you at McMurdo and say hello.

    Per the NSF Transition meeting yesterday: “Here are the links to the two companies that have posted positions. In the search box type NSF on the Lockheed site. On the PAE site in Keywords type Antarctic. New positions are being posted each day.”

    I have more info I can pass along if you want it, but it’s mostly boring official stuff (who’s in charge of the transition with each company, etc;). I was also informed that LM is currently prepping their transition team to PQ, so I assume they’ll be down about the same time I am.

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