Do Not Freeze

Voltron the Forklift

Today I got to do my first real jobs in machines! First, I moved 900 pounds of resealable plastic bags. Glamorous, I know. Especially in a tracked loader named Sparkles.

After lunch, I moved compressed gas cylinders!

After moving the cage of empty cylinders with Voltron the forklift to the rollers outside of the Logistics Arch, I placed the cage on an airforce pallet, and we pushed the pallet out to the doorway. Elissa picked the cages and set them aside for me.

I used Sundog the loader to pick up the cages one at a time and, after moving the empties to the cargo line to be shipped away, I put the new cages full of shiny green oxygen cylinders into storage on the berm.

While I was on the berms, I found this:

Do Not Freeze. Ha.

Have a nice day!

6 thoughts on “Do Not Freeze

  1. Wow! Think of all the experience you are getting with Sparkles, Voltron, etc. My image of a forklift user has changed! Have a happy Thaksgiving!

  2. Hi Kiell! I enlarged the photos, and they read that they are numerous boxes (of 24) of non-spillable batteries. Maybe they’d come in handy if you have another “emergency” power restrictions.

    Hope you have (or have already had) a Great Thanksgiving!

  3. By the way, those are some righteous crates; well-made with good hardware. Send some back home for us when they’re done with them.

    I have joined Instructables and am overwhelmed with the amount of projects that people have dreamed up. Does Daniel use that site?


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