Finally, Photos from the End of the World


Rachel, Sarra and Grace at McMurdo


McMurdo seal!!
Boarding the plane to Pole
On the plane
Antarctic Mountain Range
Passengers on the flight
A few days after arrival, the storm dubbed "Deathclaw" hit--we decided to go out to the Ceremonial Pole for a photoshoot
Kiell and Daniel at the South Pole
Driving the LMC out to the Remote Facilities--the SPTR shack, where half of our internet lives
GOES, the other half of the internet


Daniel taking a photo on our walk back to bed one night


Snow Mountain right between the station and Summer Camp, ready to be moved
Contemplating a small snow pile and track loader

2 thoughts on “Finally, Photos from the End of the World

  1. Wow…what beautiful photos! I can’t even visualize the cold and temps! We are enjoying the pool and 75degrees F. We do miss you but we are having a wonderful holiday with Mom and Karina here! Love and Hugs, Gram and Grandpa

  2. Great pictures! I’m not sure if I would wait outside while my boyfriend took pictures in -50 weather. Also, my mom has her computer set with some sort of holiday background that will produce “snowflakes” to fall over the pictures you are looking at on the internet. It was very festive to look at these with that setting.

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